Are You Ready To Be a Parent Of a Piano Student?

It takes TEAM effort to create a Musician! Success in learning to play the piano depends on three important elements:

Student-Teacher-Parent Triangle

If one part of the triangle is missing, chances for a successful music experience are greatly reduced. As a parent, you can do more than provide your child with lessons. Below are a few helpful tips in establishing successful practice.

  • Establish a daily time and place where your child can practice without distraction. Daily practice (5 days minimum) will yield more results than lengthy, sporadic practice. Using practice games will help with a more focused practice session. Practicing should be checked off in your child’s binder each week.
  • Read through the assignment sheet so there is no confusion what should be practiced. If you run across something you don’t understand, email or call right away. Don’t wait until the next week. Too much time will be lost when it might have been something simple to explain.
  • Give encouragement often. Use friendly reminders to practice. Avoid negative comments. Please don’t ever use coming to lessons or practicing a form of punishment. Encourage home concerts for friends and relatives.
  • Provide a good instrument at home to practice on. Many students will quit lessons a lot sooner than they might have otherwise if they would have just had a good instrument to practice on at home.

As your child improves, he or she will begin to see and appreciate the value of practice and will actually enjoy it as the success comes. You will be pleased to see the self-discipline and confidence your child will achieve once they see that practice works. Playing the piano can be challenging, but with it comes fun and rewards as well and can provide a lifetime worth of benefits.